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Headquartered in Denver, CO, EPS-Doublet has been making cool stuff for almost 3 decades.

Consider EPS-Doublet your shop for everything print, event, and experiential marketing related. Regardless of where you are, the scope of your project, or the size of your imagination, EPS-Doublet has the machines, the manpower and the capabilities to enhance your brand and provide you with more visual impact than your ever thought possible.

Simply put: EPS-Doublet makes stuff you’ve seen, for brands you know, with service you’ll love. 

EPS-Doublet prints just about anything you can imagine. Large-format, small-format, digital and analog…EPS-Doublet prints menu boards for major restaurants, wrap entire buildings in graphics, make professional credentials on-site at your events, and ship thousands of custom branded tents, banners, and flags all over the world. No job is too big or too small for their state-of-the-art, in-house print machines.
EPS-Doublet makes your event…or at least they make all of the assets you’ll need to have an event. From mud-runs to marathons, concerts to conventions, farmers markets to food truck festivals, EPS-Doublet is the industry-leading producer of pop-up tents, feather banners, table covers, and graphic signage. EPS-Doublet produces and prints everything in-house, so you can rest assured that your event assets are of the highest quality, and will last for years to come.
EPS-Doublet are experience constructors. They take your creative ideas, add in some raw materials, technical expertise, and good old fashioned elbow grease…and voila! Custom marketing assets that are sure to entertain, educate and engage your consumers. Whether you need a shipping container that doubles as sunglass store, a ski slope made from styrofoam, or a forty foot tall football helmet made from fiberglass, our ever-expanding custom fabrication capabilities allow EPS-Doublet to bring your wildest concepts to life. They’ll even build the tame concepts if you need that too.



Fabricated by Popshopolis in Denver, Co. Launched in San Francisco, CA. Touring now. 2015-present.

In collaboration with Dustin Stephens of MOA. 

The vehicle provides an opportunity for True’s customers to shop in the same way they experience the products – through the look and feel of materials and textures, through a tactile relationship of bodies in space.

The interior is organized around a series of 4 fitting rooms, a specialized system of curated trays built into a millwork display, and a wall of unfolding origami doors that provide entry, seating and a checkout counter. Each piece of the design is independently operable, allowing for a for a highly adaptable experience depending on the site, weather, capacity, or type of event. Even the textured surface behind the glass wall can open and close in segments to adjust the levels of light and transparency.

In the most basic sense, the goal of the vehicle is to create a highly flexible, mobile, and comfortable space for women to try on True & Co’s apparel. Yet, the vehicle has many hats to wear – it needs to attract a crowd, but also feel intimate within. It needs to clearly and strikingly communicate True’s brand identity, but also create a mysterious allure. It must be flexible, but also durable and solid. The space within needs to be bright and airy, open to the exterior, but also feel private and protected.

The base of the vehicle is a 24ft trailer, originally made to carry a ‘tiny home.’ We are attaching a custom steel frame, which will support a continuous wall of glass on one side and a series of transformable folding doors on the other. The cabinetry and interior partitions are constructed out of finish grade plywood and cedar, and the glass wall is articulated by a series of folding textile wall segments, which allow for the passage of light, provide for privacy, and fold open for a semi-voyeuristic display of product and brand imagery.

THIS ARTICLE IS FROM: http://www.s-a-works.com/true-co/

TrueCo.-Try-on-Truck-2-1-1024x718 TrueCo.-Try-on-Truck-1










One of a kind pop up stores, pop up shops, and pop up kiosks completely customized to your exact specifications!


Experiential fabrication at its best! We are the experiential marketing fabricators.

Custom Pop Up Kiosks_________________________________________________________________________________



Well, sort of. Last week Kellogg’s took their new breakfast shake to the streets of New York City to launch their “skippervention” – an intervention for chronic breakfast skippers. TV personality and author, Maria Menounos, served as a lovely spokesmodel for the brand as she graciously handed out samples from the inside of a 22′ tall replica of the drink’s container (which is, of course, where *Popshopolis came in) called a “Skip Stop” in New York City’s Flatiron Plaza.


According to a press statement, “Kellogg’s believes in the power of breakfast, but 31 million Americans are skipping it, with young adults and teens having the highest rate of missing their morning meal. That’s why Kellogg’s introduced Kellogg’s To Go to help make sure each day, no matter how busy, lives up to its full potential. So, in exchange for samples of the new breakfast shakes, Kellogg’s is encouraging Americans to take a pledge with #KelloggsToGo to stop skipping breakfast once and for all.” A New York based experiential marketing agency was charged with bringing that message to the streets, and *Popshopolis was proud to serve as the fabrication and installation partner for the activation.

Custom Pop Up Stores

The bottle structure itself took approximately 8 weeks of production and was constructed primarily of modular steel framing and graphic-wrapped sculpted foam. Installation took only a few crew members and 4 short hours with the aid of a lift to instal the structure’s “lid” and scrolling ticker. For more information on *Popshopolis’s custom fabrication capabilities, please visit our portfolio pages.

*Popshopolis is a division of EPS-Doublet that specializes in pop up shops, pop up stores, and pop up structures!


Experiential Fabrication At Its Best!

Check out this sweet video showing off the talents of our expert fabricators.




Popshopolis’s parent company EPS-Doublet proudly announces the acquisition of Denver’s Think BIG Solutions, a digital printing and marketing services production company. The combination of Popshopolis/EPS-Doublet’s and Think BIG Solutions’ complementary portfolios of retail, brand, event and cross-media production services will enable the unified teams to provide customers with the broadest, most comprehensive lineup of marketing solutions in the industry, all from one vendor.

Think BIG Solutions will be incorporated into the existing Popshopolis/EPS-Doublet 70,000 sq. ft. print and manufacturing facilities located in northeast Denver, Colorado. The conjoined effort will expand upon Popshopolis/EPS-Doublet’s current range of large format dye-sublimation and screen printing, event promotion products and custom fabrication, to include “Web2Print” technology and the highest quality digital offset printing.

Jon Leasia, President and CEO of Popshopolis/EPS-Doublet, noted that, “marketing communications are becoming increasingly complex, reaching an increasingly sophisticated audience. Projects today require a multi-channel strategy with a higher level of customization and personalization than ever before. By incorporating the expertise of Think BIG Solutions, Popshopolis/EPS-Doublet intends to bridge the gap between marketing strategy, production and execution by providing technologies and capabilities that improve the way businesses and brands communicate to their market.”

“The synergy is tremendous,” says Shawn Allison, owner of Think BIG Solutions. “We see great opportunity in combining our complementary offerings. We are now uniquely positioned to provide a full range of print, event promotion, Web2Print technology and marketing services from a single source company, simplifying the process to better serve our clients. There is not another Print Marketing company that offers our range of services, fully integrated under one roof.”

With a combined 36 years of experience and over 75 employees, Popshopolis/EPS-Doublet with Think BIG Solutions will utilize an all-inclusive offering of media production services and state-of-the-art operations to help communicators, marketers, and agencies successfully execute their programs, with the commitment to excellence in quality and service on which their customers have come to rely.




In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, Western Union and the outstanding event production team from Experient, commissioned *Popshopolis to help design, fabricate, transport and install a multi-city pop-up activation. According to a press statement by Western Union, the “Gift of Possibilities” campaign, a multi-faceted holiday campaign designed to position the gift of money among consumers as the preferred gift-giving solution world wide, will “extend the relevance of the Western Union brand during the holiday season.”

Custom Kiosk 2

To aid in the United States campaign execution, *Popshopolis built 5 identical pop-up kiosks, called “Gift Spots,”  and installed them overnight on the same day at 5 shopping malls across the country. The kiosks were wrapped – both literally and figuratively – in immediately identifiable branded graphics, complete with a custom made vellum bow. One side of the booth enables online access for customers while the other features a walk-up counter for transactions. The kiosks will remain up through Christmas, when the *Popshopolis team will return to strike the setups.

Custom Kiosk

For more information on the Western Union Gift of Possibilites campaign, please visit www.westernunion.com/possibilities. To see more experiential work by the Experient Event Planning team, check out www.experient-inc.com.

*Popshopolis is an extension of parent company EPS-Doublet.


Mobile pop up stores! Experiential marketing around the globe!

Mobile pop up stores and pop up pods like this ATT mobile living room are easy to transport from one location to the next for a one of a kind traveling pop up event!




This one of a kind custom pop up pool placed in the middle of Union Square in NYC was a total success! Another awesome way to promote your brand.


What’s new at Popshopolis?

Check out one of our latest projects…

We are working with the one and only Caesarstone on their “Pop Up Color Tour”.

Check out some of the photos of the inflatable pop up store cube that we designed, built, and installed in the middle of NYC!




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