POPSHOPOLIS: A place where ambitious people from all over come to make their mark.

We believe that pop ups are the future of the retail, event and design industries, so we provide our clients with the most advanced high quality solutions available in the pop up shop industry today. All of the pop up structures and pop up environments that we produce are fabricated in-house at our Denver, CO facility, and we always offer the best values and the best quality. From portable to permanent, we have the capabilities to design, fabricate, and install any pop up shop, pop up store and or structure, guaranteed to provide your business or brand with increased profitability. We pride ourselves in offering quality structures in all shapes and sizes, on budget and on time, resulting in total customer satisfaction.

Whether your project is big or small, traditional or experimental, we are with you all the way. You dream it, we make it happen.
We hope to work with  you soon…

About Pop Up Stores, Pop Up Shops, and Pop Up Structures:

pop∙shop∙o∙lis    noun    päp-shäp(ə-)ləs

1: the chief or capital city of a pop up region

2: the city or state of origin of a pop up mall, store, or shop
3 a: a city regarded as a center of a specified activity
   b : a large important city

Who should open a Pop Up Store?

  • Everyone! (or at least we think so…)
  • New businesses
  • Businesses promoting a new product
  • Creative people looking for a creative space
  • Small businesses
  • Companies that want multiple locations
  • Companies testing a new concept
  • Businesses looking to educate consumers

Why do consumers flock to Pop Up Stores?

  • They’re spontaneous
  • They’re stylish, funky and exciting
  • They’re exclusive
  • They’re convenient
  • They’re innovative

What are some of the benefits of opening a Pop Up Store?

What are people using Pop Ups for?

  • Retail Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Product Launches
  • Sampling Stations
  • Experiential Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Parties
  • Specialty Shops
  • Mobile Shops
  • And really, anything!